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Troy Tulowitzki

Blue Jays From Away joins forces with Jays From the Couch to bring you the latest in Toronto Blue Jays coverage of the past week.


As part of our ongoing partnership, Blue Jays from Away and Jays From the Couch have teamed up and what follows is a run down of Blue Jays coverage from Jays From the Couch.



* William Wilson took a look at the numbers of Troy Tulowitzki in order to see if there is a distinct advantage for the short stop. Specifically, Will looked at the home ball parks that Tulo has enjoyed. He is in the enviable situation of having two of the more hitter friendly stadiums as his home. First in Colorado and then in Toronto, Tulo has hit .313 with an OBP of .385. When travelling, his numbers drop slightly to .270 and a .341 OBP. It is not exactly a stark contrast, but it does point to enjoying an advantage.


* Lost of folks love to hate on Justin Smoak. He strikes out a lot. It’s frustrating. Heading into this season, his contract was always the default narrative for negativity. Can’t find something to complain about? Default to Smoak’s deal. But, as outlined at Jays From the Couch, the reality is that Justin Smoak is proving to be worth every penny the Blue Jays are paying him. While the post gives you more of an explanation, the gist of it is that the club has set a dollar amount based on WAR. For a player to be ‘worth’ their salary, they have to perform at a certain WAR. Smoak is doing that. Whether you like him, or not doesn’t matter. The Blue Jays set a value and he is living up to it.


* Rather than force lengthy posts unnecessarily, James Dailey offered up some analytical notes on a few topics. He hit on the recent performance of Kevin Pillar and how it is actually in line with his college and minor league days. Obviously, he was not going to come directly to he majors and have the same success. No, he would have to adjust. It appears that he has made some adjustments and resembles his previous hitting form. As well, James hit on the usage of Joe Biagini and using Devon Travis in bunting situations.


* Before Dwight Smith Jr was actually called up, Roy Widrig looked at the injury to Steve Pearce and how it very well could provide the opportunity for the Georgia native to get his first taste of big league action. The act of clairvoyance on the part of Roy aside, the argument was that the Blue Jays couldn’t possibly continue to run with a 2 man bench. With games in Atlanta and Milwaukee, Toronto would need to play a more National League type game, where a bench is vital.  As it turned out, Smith Jr did get his call up and was able to make his big league debut in front of his hometown crowd in Atlanta.


* Finally, as part of our partnership, Blue Jays From Away and Jays From the Couch will be bringing you a regular audio report of the Toronto Blue Jays minor league system. Jay Blue sits down with Ryan Mueller and they run down the latest from all of the organization’s affiliates. They look at who’s hot, who’s not and a whole lot more. If you love minor league content, this is can’t miss listening!






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