Derrick Chung
Derrick Chung

At Blue Jays from Away, we like to get beyond just writing about what happens in the Blue Jays organization.  We like to take you there with our exclusive interviews.  You can find them here.  Just follow the links.

January 30, 2016: Coming Up Throwing: Interview with Bobby Eveld
January 17, 2016: Versatility Reigns: Interview with Jon Berti
February 24, 2016: Interview with Chris Rowley
January 27, 2016: Interview with Gil Kim: Director, Player Development
December 26, 2013: Follow Up with Derrick Chung, Dunedin Blue Jays Catcher
August 20, 2013: Interview with Ben White, Lansing Lugnut
August 18, 2013: Interview with Tim Raines, Toronto Blue Jays Outfielding/Baserunning Instructor
July 31, 2013: Interview with Paul Quantrill, Toronto Blue Jays Pitching Consultant
July 29, 2013: Interview with Doug Davis: Toronto Blue Jays’ Minor League Field Coordinator
July 25, 2013: Interview with Charlie Wilson, Toronto Blue Jays’ Director, Minor League Operations
July 3, 2013: Interview with Tom Signore, Pitching Coach for the New Hampshire Fisher Cats
June 19, 2013: Interview with Derrick Chung, Dunedin Blue Jay
April 26, 2013: Interview with Aaron Munoz, Lansing Lugnut
April 8, 2013: Interview with Jesse Goldberg-Strassler, Voice of the Lansing Lugnuts
April 1, 2013: Interview with Tucker Donahue, Lansing Lugnut
March 19, 2013: Interview with Zach Mortimer, part 3
March 13, 2013: Interview with Zach Mortimer, part 2
March 12, 2013: Interview with Zach Mortimer, part 1

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  1. If you’re interested in doing it, I found Ian Kadish very approachable. Did an interview with him last year. I think he’s in Dunedin, right now.

    1. He’s actually in Lansing now, and I plan to get there one more time before the end of the season and I hope to talk to him as well as a few others!

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