Stroman Sounds Off: Marcus Holds Court at Toronto Blue Jays Spring Training

Marcus Stroman

Marcus Stroman doesn’t talk to the media much, but when he does, he really seems to send a message. He spoke to the media today at the Blue Jays’ spring training complex in Dunedin, Florida, telling members of the media that he is looking for a long-term contract offer that has yet to come his way, saying “I’ve been offered nothing.”


Stroman emphasized his work ethic, saying “Everybody sees my work ethic. Everyone sees the passion, everyone sees how hard I work on the daily, year-round. It’s not like I’m just working sometimes. I put a lot of emphasis into my body and being good at this game.

He also lamented not having veteran players to take a leadership role in the clubhouse, citing times that he would ask Mark Buehrle or LaTroy Hawkins a question.

In his wide-ranging interview, Stroman indicated that he thinks it’s up to the front office to initiate conversations about a long-term contract and that he loves Toronto and loves representing the city and the country. He also talked about his health, saying that there were times he “probably shouldn’t have even been out there” and he feels healthy and doesn’t have to think about his shoulder any more.

So what does this tell us about Marcus Stroman and how he’ll pitch in 2019? Stroman has always had a chip on his shoulder, whether it’s been as a shorter guy about whom people said he would never be a starter or whether he couldn’t come back from his knee injury.

So is he taking this stance about looking for more veterans in the clubhouse or being ready to sign a long-term contract and being upset that he hasn’t been approached with one as a way of giving himself yet another uphill battle to fight?

Either way, the reaction on Twitter seems to be polarized. Some think that he should speak his mind and there are some things he’s saying that ring true like @ScubaStevePearc:

So you guys really gotta a problem with Stroman wanting a bigger veteran presence in the clubhouse? It is obvious that puts them in the best position to win. Plus that does nothing but benefit the younger players on the roster. What’s the problem ??— Scuba Steve Pearce (@ScubaStevePearc) February 17, 2019

Others like @harpreetsachdev like the fact that at least Stroman says something when he talks to the media, unlike GM Ross Atkins:

Well said. It’s better than the blah blah blah talk that comes from Atkins. Well done Stroman #bluejays— harpreetsachdev (@harpreetsachdev) February 17, 2019

On the other side of things, some people think that Stroman should let his pitching do his talking for him, like @parmzilla50:

Stroman needs to shut up and pitch; not dance on the mound like a clown and worry about his fashion career. Biggest cancer to team since Lawrie. He isn’t bigger than the team. @BlueJays— Parmzilla50 (@parmzilla50) February 17, 2019

So what do you think about Marcus Stroman and his thoughts about the Blue Jays and management?

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