Follow Up with Derrick Chung, Dunedin Blue Jays Catcher



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Derrick Chung. Photo: Jacob Funk, State Hornet
Derrick Chung. Photo: Jacob Funk, State Hornet


One of those interviews was with Derrick Chung, the catcher for the Dunedin Blue Jays who had a breakout season in 2013. He graciously agreed to answer some follow up questions about his time in the Arizona Fall League via email. Chung had a great season in Arizona, hitting .390 and getting some nice compliments from the broadcast crew on his leadership and defensive skills behind the plate.




Blue Jays from Away: When you got the call to go to Arizona, what was your first reaction? What excited you the most about the prospect of playing the AFL?


Derrick Chung: I was excited to play near home where my family can come out and watch me play professionally, which they haven’t had a lot of chance to do. Also, I heard a lot about the AFL before and thought it will be pretty fun to go play more baseball in the desert.


BJfA: How much time did you have there to try to gel with your new teammates? Did you have a chance to try to get to know the pitchers you were catching? Was there much practice before the games got underway?


DC: I actually knew several of my teammates from college and summer baseball leagues so it didn’t take me too many days to get to know all of them. I caught a few sides during pre-AFL team practices.


BJfA: What did Mike Schildt (the Salt River manager) tell you about playing time? Was he trying to be equitable and divide it up evenly?


DC: He told me straight up from the beginning what it’s going to be like. He was fair and made sure we were on the same page.


BJfA: Did Ozzie Timmons give you any pointers in your hitting? Were you working on anything specific while you were there?


DC: He told me a few things that helped me throughout the league such as my  approach at the plate and situational hitting.


BJfA: I noticed that you were catching Aaron Sanchez and Drew Hutchison most of the time and, if I’m not mistaken, you got a chance to catch both of them during the season. What were the differences (if any) between what you saw from them in the regular season and in the AFL?


DC: To me, they both looked healthier and stronger during the fall league than the regular season. Both are fun to catch for, and I felt confident with them on the mound.


BJfA: Was there any difference between the quality of pitching in the AFL and the FSL? You seemed to be pretty dialed in, hitting .390; what was your approach like?


DC: Pitchers in the AFL were more aggressive and more confident with their stuff and command.  My approach did not change much.

BJfA: What was the best part of the AFL experience for you?


DC: The best part was playing with a great group of guys from both the Bluejays and other organizations. I also got to learn a lot from my teammates. I talked to Daryl Scott, the pitching coach, about pitch calling and other things that helped me tremendously.


BJfA: Are there any teammates who surprised you with his talent/ability?


DC: Pretty much everyone had exceptional talent and ability, and it was pretty special to watch and play with them.


BJfA: Are there any teammates who surprised you with his personality (i.e., he was different than you expected)?


DC: Not really. Everyone was fun to be around and play with. It was great to play with the guys from the Blue jays in such an environment.


BJfA: What’s the biggest thing that you learned from your AFL experience that you’ll take into next Spring Training?


DC: I had a great time in the AFL and keep getting better in every aspect of the game.




Thanks a heap to Derrick Chung for taking the time to answer my questions. You can find him on Twitter: @therealthing6