Dunedin Diaries, Day 4: Travels to Toronto Blue Jays Spring Training

Rowdy Tellez

Day 4: Saturday, March 16, 2019

I went over to the Toronto Blue Jays office to pick up the daily press credential and then was headed over to the minor league complex. They moved up their intrasquad games and the construction at the site became a reality. No media. So I was going to have to get my Blue Jays fix elsewhere.

So I went back to the stadium, getting caught in St. Patrick’s Day traffic (yes, I know that Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day but I believe there was a lot going on in downtown Dunedin on the day before). The lineups had already come out for Saturday’s split-squad games with a minor-league heavy lineup even at the home game against the Orioles.

Sam Gaviglio

I also had never seen Sam Gaviglio pitch live and he was outstanding for the first three innings but the O’s got to him the second time through the lineup. Maybe the umpire had a big strike zone because the Orioles’ Alex Cobb was cutting through the Blue Jays like a knife. But whatever it was, I got to see more of Freddy Galvis but Rowdy Tellez was starting on his birthday, with Andy Burns and Cavan Biggio also in the lineup.

I planted myself in the third-base side photo bay and I was glad I did, seeing that so many of the hitters in the lineup were lefthanded. Freddy Galvis, Billy McKinney, Dalton Pompey (ok, he’s a switch hitter), Tellez, Biggio, and Reese McGuire gave the Blue Jays six lefties so I was able to get some good photos of them. But around the fifth or sixth inning, I was really feeling off. I was getting lightheaded and dizzy and the bright sunlight was giving me a headache.

By about the sixth, I decided to call it a day and get out of the heat and the bright sun. The lack of sleep and standing had really gotten to me and I felt like I needed an afternoon of rest in order to survive the week here. I headed back to the Airbnb I’m staying at and rested for a bit and then did some more work writing up reports, editing photos and working on the website.

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