Where Have the Blue Jays Been?: Pitcher Edition

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If you missed Part 1 of this post, about the position players, it can be found here.

There’s just over a week to go until Opening Day! Let’s catch up with the Blue Jays’ pitchers.


R.A. Dickey recently revealed that he had surgery on his knee in December to repair a torn meniscus. He was mostly quiet on Twitter, other than mentioning that he’s a fan of Kristen Chenoweth, but I think it’s safe to assume he went to see The Force Awakens once or twice. Or seventeen times.


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Marco Estrada, after signing a new contract with the Jays, spent a lot of the winter telling everyone how happy he was to be back in Toronto (he actually went on the record as saying he would have taken less money for more years – oh Marco, you flatter us so!). He came in 10th in AL Cy Young voting, which was a nice surprise and none too shabby for a guy who didn’t even start the year in the rotation. Estrada also visited Ottawa on the Winter Tour, stopping in at a Senators game and a children’s hospital. At some point he also attempted to do a Bruce Lee workout video, which went horribly wrong and hurt his back. This is why they tell you not to try those stunts at home.


The mysterious J.A. Happ has remained as mysterious as ever – after signing with the Jays as a free agent, he hasn’t really given many interviews or done anything newsworthy. But if I were to go out on a limb, I would wager that he’s eaten some food, flown on a plane, and watched at least one movie. That’s called deductive reasoning, folks.



Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez, it would seem, didn’t spend a lot of time apart, between their training together at Duke University, being a part of the Winter Tour’s stop in Toronto, and partying it up in a rap video. They also went to Stroman’s sister’s wedding, and Stroman took part in a bunch of marketing campaigns – signing with Biosteel Sports and Nike Jordan shoes.


Sanchez put on a lot of muscle and hopes that this will give him an advantage on the durability side of things as he vies to become the team’s 5th starter. Since he’s been working with the magical healers who helped Stroman recover from his ACL surgery, it’s not too unreasonable to expect him to throw literal fire this season, right? ‘Strochez’ also went to Las Vegas with their teammates for a UFC fight.


Roberto Osuna returned to his native Mexico, where he filmed a documentary for Sportsnet. He’s shared lots of photos with his various family members, and according to a recent John Lott article, been brushing up on his already-excellent English by watching Flashpoint. He came close to another police-related drama when he was three blocks away from cartel leader El Chapo’s arrest.


Brand-new Blue Jay Drew Storen has been rapidly acquainting himself with Toronto culture, and endearing himself in the hearts of Jays fans. He also made me personally feel less disappointed about losing the antics of Ben Revere, as he revealed himself to be a) hilarious and sarcastic on Twitter, and b) a Billy Joel fan. I’m sold!


After recovering from the torn calf muscle he suffered during the ALDS, Brett Cecil spent most of his time off playing hockey and sledding with his two adorable sons, while awaiting the arrival of a daughter with his wife Jen (Congratulations, Cecil family!) He also took part in the winter tour, visiting CFB Gagetown in Fredericton alongside Chris Colabello and Dalton Pompey.


I have no idea where Drew Hutchison has been in the offseason, because the man never, ever, EVER goes on Twitter. But he did show up once on Brett Cecil‘s Instagram, taking in a Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game with Cecil and his family. He also seems to have done a lot of working out, training, and putting on weight, because his facial shape has changed dramatically since we’ve seen him last.


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