Are We There Yet?




It’s officially set in: Offseason malaise. Particularly with the lack of significant activity by the Blue Jays this winter, there hasn’t been much to talk about and I’m bored, people.



Bored of latching on to any mention of the Blue Jays in connection with trade bait or free agents.


Bored of talking about top prospects on Top 100 lists when there are only going to be two Jays we can really talk about.


Bored of trying to explain to people that I really don’t think that free agency has any real answers for the Blue Jays this year.


Bored of talking about out-of-options relievers or the back end of the rotation.


Bored of wondering whether Melky Cabrera’s back end has healed and if he’ll actually not suck this year.


Bored of figuring out how low the over/under number should be of the WAR the Blue Jays will get out of their second basemen (you can let me know your opinions on that in the comments).


Bored of being insanely cold.


Tonight’s the State of the Franchise event that the Blue Jays put on in the winter for their season ticket holders and the press and I’ll be there to cover it for all of you. Am I excited to go? Absolutely.


I mean, the Jays are streaming it live on their website so it means that I’m going to have to do a little bit of extra work to try to get something more in-depth. I also don’t really think that SeƱors Beeston and Anthopoulos are going to tell us anything we haven’t already heard (although if they do, you’ll read about it tomorrow).


But, as they say, it’s an honour to be nominated and I’m very thankful to have been invited. I’m also excited to meet some of other blogging colleagues for the first time and talk some shop.


My intentions are to get something interesting and unique for either some articles and/or podcasts. I’ll also have the camera (with the nifty telephoto lens) along for the ride so I should be able to get some great shots of the Jays’ fearless leaders.


Hopefully tonight’s event will stave off the boredom for just a little bit longer. Six more weeks until I head down to Florida for Spring Training. Are we there yet?