2016 Projected Rosters #7: Buffalo Bisons Pitchers

Scott Copeland
Scott Copeland

We’ve arrived at the Buffalo Bisons. It’s probably not too difficult to project the pitching staff for the Bisons, with the exceptions of a couple of spots, mainly because we’re just waiting for the Blue Jays to make their decisions on the shape of the final 2016 Opening Day Roster. That said, there are still things that are going to be fluid in the first couple of weeks of the season, depending on the health and readiness of Marco Estrada and Aaron Loup. In addition, with the retirements of Rafael Soriano and Brad Penny, there’s less worry about too many arms to go around in Buffalo.


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Starting Pitchers


Scott Copeland
Scott Diamond
Chad Jenkins
Roberto Hernandez
Drew Hutchison*

*=on the 40-man roster


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Drew Hutchison is going to make the Blue Jays out of spring training and, by virtue of having minor league options remaining, he’ll be an odd man out in Buffalo. He’s also the only one of the above pitchers on the 40-man roster.


Other Possible Starters


Joe Biagini*
Aaron Sanchez*

*=on the 40-man roster


Something weird will have to happen for either of these two pitchers to start the season in Buffalo. In Biagini’s case, he’ll have to be offered back to the San Francisco Giants and then a trade will have to be worked out. Word on the street is that, with him throwing BBs at 95 and 96 mph out of the bullpen, he could stick with the major league in a relief role. For Sanchez to be in Buffalo in the rotation, the club will have to grant him his request to remain a starter and Gavin Floyd will have to remain effective (and healthy) through the rest of spring training. Additionally, the Jays will need to have enough arms that they feel comfortable taking north in the bullpen who might otherwise be exposed to waivers (a.k.a. Steve Delabar, Biagini, Arnold Leon, Bo Schultz). If the Jays are confident that their bullpen will be strong enough without Sanchez, he may start the year in the Buffalo rotation.





Ryan Tepera
Ryan Tepera

David Aardsma
Randy Choate
Chad Girodo
Bobby Korecky
Wade LeBlanc
Arnold Leon*
Pat McCoy
Blake McFarland*
Ben Rowen
Ryan Tepera*

*=on the 40-man roster


Note that I only think that a couple of guys on the 40-man roster will be in Buffalo. In Leon’s case, it’s a big if he clears waivers. With the current wave of pitchers challenging for bullpen roles, I don’t think he makes it through. I also think that because Tepera has options, he gets the ride down the QEW to Buffalo. McFarland is going to be an easy guy to send down. He has three options and was never really expected to compete for a job on the club. Of course, depending on how much and whether the Blue Jays decide to play waiver-wire chicken, Steve Delabar and/or Bo Schultz could conceivably start the season in Buffalo.


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