Vancouver Canadians 2017 Report, Part 1: Blue Jays from Away Awards

We arrive in Vancouver, home of the Canadians and one of two teams to earn a championship in 2017.


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The Vancouver Canadians, under manager Rich Miller (who has since been let go by the organization) defeated the Eugene Emeralds three games to won int he finals, winning by two runs in the first game and then by a 2-1 score in each of the final two games of the series (with a 4-2 loss in Game 2). This was after the Canadians had defeated the Spokane Indians in the semifinal series, beating them twice by a 2-1 score and after finishing with the best record in the Northwest League at 43-33. The Cs scored an average of 4.53 runs per game, lower than the league average of 4.87 runs per game, getting that job done with a roster that was 0.2 years older than the league average. On the pitching side of things, the Cs allowed 4.54 runs per game with a pitching staff that was 0.1 years younger than the league average.


Blue Jays from Away Player of the Game Champion


For those of you who followed the minor league reports here, you’ll know that I “awarded” Player of the Game (PotG) accolades on a game-by-game basis. It should comfort you to know that I’ve been keeping track of these daily awards and my rationale for the system is as follows.

The Player of the Game Awards were determined by a number of factors that included who I thought had the most impact on the game and who might have gone “above and beyond.” Most nights, there was just one Player of the Game. If there was, he earned one point. If I thought that either a) no one stood out enough to merit a single PotG, or b) two or more players were outstanding and deserved mention, I split the point up into two, three or four shares. If two players earned PotG mention, they each received 0.5 points and if three players earned mentions, they each received 0.33 points, etc. There were occasions that I felt that no one merited the award and therefore, I did not give out any points.


Kacy Clemens 7
Logan Warmoth 5.67
Brock Lundquist 5.33
Riley Adams 5.17
Reggie Pruitt 4.83
Kevin Vicuna 4.5
Norberto Obeso 4.17
David Jacob 4
Wilfri Aleton 3.5
Dalton Rodriguez 3.33
Bryan Lizardo 2.58
Jose Espada 2.33
Deiferson Barreto 2.08
Kyle Weatherly 2
Matt Morgan 1.83
Nate Pearson 1.83
Cullen Large 1.58
Juan Nunez 1.5
Dany Jimenez 1.5
Samad Taylor 1.33
Owen Spiwak 1
Jake Fishman 1
Zach Logue 1
Chavez Young 1
Brody Rodning 1
Mattingly Romanin 0.75
Lance Jones 0.5
Javier Hernandez 0.5
William Ouellette 0.5
Donnie Sellers 0.5
Chris Hall 0.5
Cam O’Brien 0.5
Brandon Polizzi 0.5
Travis Bergen 0.33
Justin Dillon 0.33


The Vancouver Canadians got contributions from a number of different players over the course of the season, leading the Player of the Game Championship race to be hotly contested but it was Kacy Clemens who finished the season on top with first-round pick Logan Warmoth in second place while an outstanding playoffs got Brock Lundquist into contention at the end.


Blue Jays from Away Player of the Year


Three players finished in a cluster at the top of the OPS leaderboard with catcher Riley Adams leading the way with an .813 OPS on the back of a .305/.374/.438 slash line as he hit 16 doubles, a triple and three home runs. Right behind him was Kacy Clemens at .792 with a .274/.379/.413 slash line with 14 doubles, three triples and four home runs. Behind Clemens was Logan Warmoth who had a .306/.356/.419 slash line (.775 OPS). In the long run, I’m going to go with Riley Adams who, as a catcher, was playing a very physically demanding position and still managed to get things done with the bat.

Honourable Mention: Kacy Clemens, Logan Warmoth


Blue Jays from Away Pitcher of the Year



The Vancouver Canadians had a decent enough starting rotation but no one really stood out as being dominant. we look to the bullpen and go with Chris Hall who led the ‘pen in innings with 36 1/3 as well as a 1.49 ERA and 1.02 WHIP, striking out 42 and walking 11.

Honourable Mention: Dalton Rodriguez, William Ouellette, Orlando Pascual


Blue Jays from Away Reliever of the Year


Are you able to contain your excitement? Will we give the Reliever of the Year award to the same player as the Pitcher of the Year? The answer is no. We want to honour some of the Canadians’ brilliant bullpen so we’ll give the RotY award to the whole friggin’ ‘pen. Seriously. With five pitchers who had ERAs under 2.00 (and one more at 2.18) and seven more who had WHIPs of 1.07 or lower, it was a dominant bullpen full of arms who were extremely effective.


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