2016 Blue Jays Season Review: Dustin Antolin

Dustin Antolin
Dustin Antolin

Now that the season is over, the crew at Blue Jays from Away will take a look at the Blue Jays one by one and review how each player’s season went, whether he met expectations (or not) and look at how he fits into (what we think of) the Blue Jays’ plans going forward.


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What, you didn’t remember that Dustin Antolin played for the Blue Jays? He actually pitched once, getting in two innings and giving up three runs on four hits and a walk with one strikeout. Not the most auspicious major league debut but there have been worse. Still, Antolin had an excellent season in Buffalo (2.04 ERA, 1.30 WHIP) and the Hawai’ian will likely get another chance at the majors.



Contract Status


Antolin is not on the 40-man roster after being sent outright to Buffalo this year. He may be able to elect free agency this offseason.


Emily Says


I’m going to be honest, I had completely forgotten Dustin Antolin existed prior to [Jay asking for my opinion on him]. He made one appearance in May, for two innings, and allowed three runs on four hits, including a home run. Not ideal. I’d have liked to have seen more of him (perhaps in another blowout game), just for the sake of figuring out if that was ‘first-major-league-appearance’ jitters, but with that as his only outing, he gets a D-minus.


Regular Season Grades



Jay: D-
Emily: D-


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